Use same hard drive with Prime hardware and Serato

A home video to show the Serato converts how to use their serato drive with EP and prime hardware

This is for people who want to use Serato and EP interchangeably

It may also be helpful for people who want use Serato (free offline version) for Bpm analysis.


I am a serato user (since Scratch Live days :nerd_face:)

Library is 70k deep

My entire Serato library is in a SSD (external 4B, ExFat - sorry you can’t use HFS formatted external drive because the players can’t write to them)

This method is the easiest I be found using just EP and Serato. There is another third party option as well which I rate highly) . Feel free to share alternative solutions and methods.

They say Pictures are louder than words

Any questions shoot.

Apologies for the quality of the video, it was shot one handed :raised_back_of_hand:t6:

And to the “but it’s meant to be standalone bla bla bla” folks…kindly move along.