USB Type C Support for Denon Hardware

With the push towards USB Type C, sooner or later one will have to buy a new computer that has only Type C. What’s the plan to support controllers?

Is it gonna be Dongles or can one expect a direct USB B to C cable to work.

I don’t like Dongles as it’s one more thing to go wrong.

I use MacBook pro for djing and mine fell from a table whilst setting up for a set last weekend, luckily it was in a case and no damages. And it got me thinking what if or when I need to upgrade the macbook-pro.

Currently, no Denon DJ equipment uses USB C Ports, although some of the other inMusic product accessories do. So, all the below responses are from me, personally, as a potential USB C user (in a few years), not with my Denon DJ hat on.

USB C has two considerations. The physical characteristics of the port itself - e.g.: Shape, Size, Pin configuration - e.g.: It’s gotta fit in the hole.

The other consideration is a minefield…what services are going to be passed through the USB C port, how they’ll be passed, and how all those services will work together (Power, data, video, audio etc)

Currently, there’s a whole lot of —potential— uses, but at the time of writing, various sources mention that no-one seems to be offering all the services. That’s a bit concerning as what if one service interferes, or conflicts with another? e.g.: Power + video cause audio to suffer, or Data + Audio won’t work whilst the laptop is being rapid charged etc

If I was shopping around for USB C conversion hubs, id be thinking about:

  • Buying a good brand of accessory… for example: In the USB 2/3 world there are $5 hubs and there are $40 hubs - If I’m using the hub at a $1500 DJ Fee wedding, why would I risk it on a $5 hub?

  • Avoid shortcuts - If there turn out to be Mains Powered USB C hubs, and passive or USB powered USB C hubs, I’d go for the powered one… even though it would mean having to carry a 8cm square power supply and having to plug it in.:wink:

I don’t skimp on accessories too I have a thunderbolt 2 hub which I use currently for video djing (macbook-pro hdmi out is not powered adequately for longer cable runs) I Bought that TB2 dock/hub for 179gbp.

Thanks for the response, like I said it just occurred to me after my laptop took a dive.

Guess its too early for the new standard to be standard.