USB keyboard hotkey KEY

Hi there sorry it’s my first post so if there’s a protocol im forgetting to follow my bad. I Just recently found out I can plug in a wireless usb keyboard/mouse combo from logitech and it works with the sc5000 & sc5000m. I noticed as I played around with the keyboard that many of the keys had special functions on the player such as starting and stopping tracks changing track focus, etc. I was curious if anyone has been able to find a key of all the special commands on the keyboard as I couldn’t find it any any of the documentation from Denon or online.

Side note I also noticed a little tiny mouse that appears on the screen when you plug in a mouse via usb. Any info helps, thank you!


Could you please make a video to demo this? Sounds interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

That is so cool.

Denon were touting this as a feature of the Prime 4 but considering the underlying OS is Linux I’m not surprised it works on the SC5000’s as well - pretty cool, any plug and play mouse/keyboard should work I think.

I would love a keyboard shortcut list.

Don’t you people use search before posting?

Hey @slayformoney where’s the post about the tiny mouse? Plus the post you linked to is from 2017…which was like 50 internet years ago . And I don’t see anything resembling a compete key in said post. In fact all I really see in the linked post above is Paul of DenonDJ saying a keyboard is not supported (yet):

“Did you do this using your own SC5000 Brichi? Or, in a store perhaps? Either way, just to advise, the use of an external keyboard, plugged into an SC5000 is neither supported, nor recommended at this point”.

Ps. Hey discobot what badge do you give out for trying to make a first time poster feel dumb?


Sorry @SlayForMoney that might have come off as a bit harsh…what can I say, they shutdown my favorite hangout spot The Firmware Update Thoughts Cafe. And the Akai Force forums just aren’t as lively. Miss u FUT

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Interesting that Paul was unaware of the keyboard shortcuts even though it was mapped to search and playback functions. They use a RaspberryPi/Intel NUC style internals, hence the mouse on screen (they have a disabled WiFi adapter as part if this). Also, the Prime 4 uses a similar/same firmware so from this I decipher…

A version of the SC5000 firmware was already being tested on a primitive Prime 4 prototype back then and we had the keyboard enabled in the SC5000 firmware to get search on the prototype Prime 4 for testing.

Well that’s my totally made up theory and it could just be a total coincidence :thinking:

Then you need to search a bit better. Now, where is my badge hm? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In all seriousness, people don’t read manuals and don’t use search. NOTHING wrong in reminding them to use it and THEN come back with questions.

@Engell Here ya go! (if the video is struggling to play like it is for me right click and then copy link address)

i know it’s a really cool feature. I just hope there was a key to use a reference as opposed to guess and check

Several keys have been posted in the topic I linked, just post there and ask has anybody found out any more, no need to open another topic that will inevitably get merged or just closed.

It is, what is called in IT-circles, an undocumented feature. I.e. something that works but is not in there on purpose. Hence it’s not in the documentation.

As long as Denon does not pitch using a (wireless) USB keyboard, you can most likely forget that any documentation will surface, unless a disgruntled Denon employee does a “wiki-leaks” or the user community pastes something together from experience, let’s call it empirical documentation.

As for the hardware inside an SC5000, I seriously doubt it is something as limited as a Raspberry Pi or even an Intel NUC, but I love to be proven wrong.

Just my three cents as usual.

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NUC’s can be pretty powerful depending on the configuration so I wouldn’t knock them - there are a couple of developers/sysadmins at my workplace that use them on a daily basis and are very happy with them.

In most configurations I’d think the NUC’s are actually more powerful than the SC5000 hardware.


You are right. You can get them in i7 even. Nothing wrong with that. I was still stuck with the early NUC’s, which weren’t exactly speed monsters.

Thanks for setting me straight.

This. I have a skull canyon that was used as part of an all-in-one DVS build a while back. It still sits as the most powerful piece in my cluster.

@SlayForMoney im sorry I’m very new to forums and don’t know what the protocol really is on when you should and shouldn’t post. I’ll learn with time