Updating Music Library from iTunes

It is a wonder to me how to keep my music library in sync between the Engine Prime Software (EPS) and iTunes. Unfortunately, the sync manager only allows us to sync between the EPS and other peripheral devices. What it does NOT do is allow us to sync between iTunes and EPS. It would seem intuitive to me that the engineers at Denon would include an additional column in the sync manager that would allow us to sync between various targets (ie iTunes) and EPS, in much the same way that we’re able to sync between EPS and other external drives.

Assuming that the target consumer of the Prime 4 is the professional DJ, would it not be a stretch to assume that we would own substantially large music libraries? As such, Denon couldn’t possibly expect us to re-import our music library from iTunes every time we added new music into our iTunes libraries. This would be preposterous. Yet, this seems to be the only option? Unless of course I’m missing something here.

Denon, please fix this. This is a basic and pivotal issue to most DJ’s. You guys haven’t even taken the time to address this topic on the forums. That seems to be shirking those that keep you in business.

There is a feature request for that https://denondjforum.com/t/ability-for-sync-manager-to-work-with-serato-itunes-rekordbox-traktor-and-virtual-dj/21418?u=mufasa

I don’t disagree