Update problem sc5000 prime 1.4.0 beta to 1.4.0 official

Hey Guys,

I got a brand new sc5000 prime and x1800 prime Set last Month from InMusic (excellent Service) evrithing was fine working with 1.3.1 also bith the Beta 1.4 now i updatet to official one player works as it should and the other reseted during Update process wrecked downd and startet with 1.3.1 resets to black screen and starts again it‘s now impossible to work on it or take any action - hats reset also takes no effect - any idea what to try out before sending back? Cause i have a gig on 25th and then every day till 31st. - don‘t want to use my lld pioneers if possible…

Hi @Jouls - Sorry to hear of the difficulty updating.

To put the SC5000 into forced update mode, power on while holding LAYER + SOURCE + EJECT. If done correctly you should the logo splash screen with microchip icon.

Once in that mode, connect the USB 3.0 cable and send the update from your computer again.

Hopefully this helps!


Works!!! Perfect Service Thx and Merry Party X Mas