Update issue

I picked up a brand new Prime 4 today, and for the past 4 hours have been trying to update the firmware. It has gone part way and is now in a “loop” saying “trying to update prime 4 mixer to 01.29”. Help, I just want to play tunes, what can I do to force the update part this?

Hello @SmoutOutLoud,

Are You updating with a usb cable or by external memory stick? Did You tried to re-upload the previous update and then the newest one again?

No, it a fresh out of the box, did the original attempt from USB cable, then an hour later by memory stick, not always stuck at the dance spot

Try with the USB cable the newest update, please. If will not go, try the previous one.

Great idea! Thank you, I’ll try it first thing in the morning, that makes sense. Thanks again