Up n runnin .........

But still got some isues

Mcx. Headphones split cue. Sometimes u cant disable it again if pressed. Only thing to do is to restart mcx. Sometimes only sound in one of the earphone cups. Mcx. If music playing in engine channel 1. Serato channel 2. There is no sound cue channel 2. Mcx. Usb eject not always possible, even if music is stopped or turned over to pc mode. Mcx. Using effects on channel 2 sometimes restarts cuepoint. Mcx. Delay between cue / headphone and main out, makes it a bit hard to beat m. Problem is there even if placed in front of monitor speker.

But think im slow getting into how the controler works.

Are all these ailments present Only when on Serato (?)

Or, do they also show up exactly the same when playing tracks from an engine scanned memory stick ?

Delay n general…the most anoying thing. Both with engine and serato

Usb eject only used with engine

The rest i realy dont remember

Had some problems when scrolling trough music numbers with search button and push sellect? It dont come op in display before play/pause is presed. Only in engine