Unvailable track on engine track list

Hello everyone. I think I have a problem under engine …

I have titles in red, so illegible in the list of titles of the collection.

However, if I place this title directly via the Windows 10 browser in the “engine prime” player, it works. However, the title remains in red in the collection.

Am I making a handling error?

Thank you

En français : Bonjour tout le monde. Je pense avoir un problème sous “engine” …

J’ai des titres en rouge, donc illisible dans la liste des titres de la collection.

Or si je place ce titre directement via le navigateur Windows10 dans le lecteur “engine prime” cela fonctionne. Pourtant le titre reste en rouge dans la collection.

Est ce que je fais une erreur de manipulation ?


Engine Prime has lost the link to the actual file even though it’s still on your laptop.

This happens when the actual files are edited, moved, renamed etc

A feature request for relocate is here give it a like.


In the interim you have only a few options

  1. Redo your library from start

  2. Rekordcloud

  3. Do nothing to the reds and just add your files again

Thank for answer, but 1 . Redo your kibrary from start It’s done, 3 times yet 2 . Rekordcould I don’t know what it is. :frowning: 3 . Do nothing to the reds and just add your files again already tried, but no result…

All My file are on the good directory and name, i work with serato in same time, and serato find this “unvailable” files … :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Mufasa has given you an excellent answer.

It’s basically just that if you get Engine to make your database and they you move or rename files, they get lost

You should enable the ‘directory’ column in Engine Prime and check (against the actual location) that the directory listed for the red files is correct.

Did you delete “Engine Folder” that is located in your Music folders before you rebuilt the library?

Google my friend

You may have a database issue with Engine Prime

Yes, I agree that it could have been a possibility. However, this is not the case, the titles are in the right place on my hard drive. the path in “engine prime” is indeed the correct one. I have neither moved nor modified the titles in question.

**EDIT : ** OK. I finally found the cause of my problem.

These are the accents on the “e” of the titles in question. apparently “Engine Prime” doesn’t like it.

En francais … Ok. J’ai trouvé, enfin, la cause de mon problème.

Il s’agit des accents sur les “e” des titres en question. apparement “Engine Prime” n’aime pas ça.

I did notice that from your picture, but I was not 100% certain because the last track (at the bottom) didn’t appear to have the accent.

It’s because, on the picture, you can see the title, or “unvailable error” is with the filename. :wink:

J’ai personnellement eu ce genre d’erreurs avec des titres qui ont des tags avec des accents… La solution c’est de tout effacer, et de ré-écrire le tag proprement. Si tu prends des titres sur Fuvi-clan, ça arrive très souvent ! Forcément, nous en France on a plus d’accents que les anglo-saxons, donc ils peuvent pas voir le problème :joy:

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