Trouble connecting Sc6000m to Serato

Hi I recently bought an x1850 and Sc6000m. I tried running it with Serato. The x1850 connects and work properly but Sc6000m doesn’t. When trying to connect it pops up an error message on serato. I have the latest firmware installed and even tried to install it again to see it that’ll work and still nothing. I tried switching USB cables and everything I could think of. Anyone here having problems with connecting their Sc6000 with Serato? Really need help!

No problems connecting the 6000m and serato.

Do you have the standalone serato dj licence or the serato clubkit licence?

Confirm that you have Serato 2.4.6?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Have a look at this guide

I have Serato Pro and Suite. And I’m using a Mac.

  1. What MacOS version are you on?

  2. Is the X1850 connected directly to the Mac?

You can also try this - Before starting Serato DJ, connect everything up to the Mac i.e. 6000M in controller mode, X1850 connected directly to the Mac (channel selector to USB/DVS). Then Start Serato.

Catelina version. And yes both x1850 and Sc6000m connected directly to the computer. I even tried on my other MacBook pro and still have the same error message in Serato for the Sc6000m. The mixer works fine just the player won’t connect. I tried using timecode and it works but only when I go into computer mode thru the player to run midi it won’t let me connect.

I’m on Catalina as well and it works with the 6000M without any issues. I have the x1800 and S11

Try the midi troubleshooting guide for Mac i post earlier. You may need to create a new midi profile on the Mac. Could be some midi clash.

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Have you got the players connected to your MacBook?

Pls give this info.

OS version #

Serato version # + serato pkg type.

Firmware version # for the decks and mixer.

Which serato pkg do you have.

Whats the update? Sorted?

Contacted Denon and they sent me the Midi trouble shooting guide like you sent me. Will try to do it after work and see if it’ll help. Thanks for the replies. Really hope I could get this working. :pray:

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Is each deck and mixer connected to your MacBook? It won’t work if you’ve only got the mixer connected, and the decks connected to your mixer.

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UPDATE! I’m an idiot! Thought I had installed the Serato update. Turns out I didn’t. That was the problem! Thanks guys for the replies and help!

Christ :joy::joy::joy: you owe us 12 beers each


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