Transport keys (Cue & Play Pause buttons)

I have recently purchased a Denon MC 4000 and its a wonderful controller for what I do. However, its been 2 months now and the right-hand deck’s Play/Pause button starts to show issues. It doesn’t play or pause the track when pressed. you need to put some considerate amount if pressure on the button in order to activate the desired action. I sent it to Denon since the item is in warranty, however, I would like to suggest an improvisation.

The play/pause button including the Cue is the most pressed buttons on the controller and I feel must be built robustly, similarly to that of its bigger siblings MC 7000 & MCX 8000 which have different transport buttons. The plastic or metal buttons like that on the competitive controllers is something you should consider.

The MC 4000 is the best controller in its class and there is no controller on the market that offers the features this controller offers for the price. So I would suggest you work on improving the buttons on the MC 4000 and add transport keys like that on the MC 7000 - MCX 8000.

Looking forward to seeing some improvement. Thank You.

A few years ago, I was building a simple midi trigger device with 10 buttons on it for triggering lighting programs.

I found that it was difficult to find a balance between 4 factors:

  1. The tactile properties of the button (how it feels)
  2. Responsiveness (when you press it, it always knows it’s been pressed)
  3. Longevity (it’s all very well if a switch meets requirements 1 & 2, but it should be able to put up with enthusiasts smashing the buttons down)
  4. Price (a button that meets requirement 1,2 and 3 but I wanted 10 of them, so some of the great buttons costing over €12 each was going to cause budget issues

I suppose the big manufacturers have similar considerations.

Would you have bought the MC4000 if it were 25% to 50% more cost in the store?

Thank you for your response,

I agree with what your telling me. However, the customer usually doesn’t know the cost of each part used in manufacturing the product and is mainly looking to get the best out of the product at least in its warranty period and long run as well. I appreciate you explaining about the cost of these buttons. However I think I would have still purchased the MC 4000 even if it costed 25% to 50% considering the unit can withstand a beating and is a reliable product. Quality is really important, and I’m not saying that is something the MC 4000 lacks, in fact it’s built like a tank, metal posts for the nobs, good quality faders, and metal build. However if there can be an upgrade when it comes to the buttons would be must appreciated. May be the MC4000 MK2, can be the controller you incorporate it into. Thank you again.

Yes. I would have paid double if the quality is there. (It would be paid off in 3 or 4 gigs anyway). Price was no issue when choosing a controller, the MC4000 from all the reviews was best in class, and I was looking for a 2 channel. If there was a better competitor on the market, I would happily have chosen it.

Yes. the same problems on the right deck play button…

Did you fix the problem with Denon warranty? I’ve the same problem on my Play/Cue Buttons.

Too bad there’s no successor of MC 4000

Yes. I got it repaired. They repaired it for free. I had to only pay for shipping. They replaced all the 8 buttons on both sides.

Thanks for reply. After repairad are having the same problem? I’m sending my controller to be repaired.

I love this controller but this problem is a very a ■■■■

I don’t know how the pads work in the 4000 but in this video a guy improve the pads sensitivity of his akay. Maybe It would be a solution to improve the sensitivity in our controller after replace all buttons.

The buttons have been an issue since the original MC6000 about 10 years ago. Denon chose to do nothing about it.

I must have had my one apart 5 or 6 times. It only finally worked well when I gave up on the official tact switches and used El cheapo ones from RS components.

So, I think the problem shows up again after repaired :frowning: Can you send me the link of this switches?

I do not have a link as it was a while ago. I remember having to shave a few mm off the top of them as they were generic and taller than the Denon supplied ones.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Only the SC2000 and the original MC6000mk1 have issues with the original tact switches. On mc3000, mc4000, mc6000mk2 they changed the type

And the simple fact is moving parts do fail. The more they get used, the larger the “target” button above the switch the easier it is for force to land on it, also the more involved the button is in a rapid, important, urgent or forceful moment of the task the more pressure we excerpt on a control, compnared to how we operate a control when we’re calm.

To compare, a vehicle manufacturer might get through twice as many horn switches on the end of the steering column stalks, than water washer squirter switches for the end of steering column stalks - even though they’re the same type and strength of switch. Now why would that be ? :thinking: