Transferring library / MP3s from laptop hard drive to external SSD

OK, here’s a question that I hope someone can answer…

I only have 128GB storage on my MacBook Pro and am getting an external SSD to store my MP3s.

I already have about 50GB of tunes on my MacBook so, how do I move them to the SSD and not have Engine DJ showing them as Red in my collection?

I really don’t want to have to re-import and analyse them all.

Any ideas?

You should be able to do that with lexicon.

Try it out , it’s in open beta right now Lexicon App

I have the same issue but the other way around. I got an external SSD, and just bought a new Macbook Pro, where I want to move the whole library to the internal Macbook Pro drive. I use two SC6000 with an USB stick. First of all, when I open the library with the external SSD, the library’s just empty. I copied everything to the internal drive, empty. Tried Lexicon, it finds the library, but only transfers the playlists, not the tracks which are also both on the external and internal SSD now. It already shows 0 tracks per playlist. Help