Transfer my Prime Library from MAC to PC

Okay, this may be a simple question - My 2012 MAC has finally given up the ghost, so I’ve purchased a new machine. I no longer want to get drawn into the stupid Apple pricing for their machines, so I’ve switched over to a PC.

So, my question is this. Can I transfer my Engine Library from MAC to PC? If so how?

That 2012 machine lasted you 9 years, that’s a good run :grimacing:

Can you still use the 2012 ie turn on, access your engine library.

To transfer your Engine Library from the Mac to PC - Rekordcloud, sub for a month.

You can use my tool ENJINN to do this.

Copy your engine library over, then use the relocate function to tell it where your songs are and I’ll go in and re-link all of them.

If you have issues I can help you out.

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