Transfer from Mac/PC to Prime over ethernet

I can only see mention of being able to connect to the Prime to copy music to a hard drive via USB connection. Hopefully/surely the drive should also be available to transfer to over the ethernet port?

Just usb connection for file transferring.

Ethernet would have an advantage as there’s a little rachet click as the plug goes into the port unlike usb that just grips in the USB port.

It’s one cable to plug in, either way.

Being that I manage music on a device that would not be next to it and it is not a laptop, the idea that it’s one cable to plug in is not much use to me. It’s much easier to run ethernet over long distances.

Straight forward usb cables can give you 5 metres maximum, but you can get usb boosters to extend that to 10, 15, 20 metres etc

There might even be a usb to Ethernet to usb type extender box pair.

You’re going to want to add music to your prime 4 way quicker than denon would bring a solution to an idea (typically 3 years).

Or, fit your currently internal SSD into an external SSD usb enclosure and move that portably

That honestly doesn’t make a lot of sense, it’s hardly a new solution. There is an ethernet jack on the back of it, and the fact that the disk can be written to by using Wifi to pull tracks from Tidal etc, so at some point in the stack a non USB direct path is used today to write to the disk. The disk must be mounted internally to do that. I am aware of long USB cables but as I said it is much easier to run ethernet over longer distances. The other solutions you mentioned are also more expensive than a $5 ethernet cable. I guess I’ll wait to hear something from Denon.

Someone requested this many moons ago.

See the post here and vote



Sorry. I was just tying to offer some interim solutions for you in case the computer mode on prime doesn’t offer Ethernet due to some hardware limitation or if other idea receives so few votes that denon don’t work on adding it.

Thanx Mufasa, just added a like to the feature over on that thread.