TRAKTOR pro JOG Platter Led Map MC7000

hello! I don’t know if anyone has already done, but I found a similar way to emulate the jog platter led on the mc7000

just go to preferences - controller manager - add out - deck common - beat phase

follow the image and and try :slight_smile:

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That’s rather clever. I think the only downside would be that faster tracks would spin faster. It’s actually an interesting way to think of platter phase - where the 12 o’clock is always on the downbeat.


This looks interesting i mapped already. 2 downsides of this method is that the Downbeat is at 6’oclock and as mention before by @AIRVince the speed of the leds is fast on high BPM tracks.

P.S Midi range max should be 99.

If you map 4 entries with “Beat Phase” (Midi-Range 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-100) you get a more fluent and slower LED-Rotation, BUT …

… it seems there’s a strange behavior regarding the PLAY-Button of the deck that’s not playing and stopped (with blinking PLAY-Button): The’re moments where it flashes much more faster for a few seconds, after that normal, and again faster.

Even if you only map the “Beat Phase” command once, as mentioned above, there seems to be something wrong with the PLAY-Button - Blinking, not so often, but from time to time you will see it irregularly blinking.

I tried a lot of values regarding the controller-range and the midi-range, but it’s still weird.