Tracks don't show in the prime 4

I have updated my software in PC to 2.1.0 and the software on my Prime 4 to 2.1.1.

Now I have a problem that al my tracks have to be in a playlist otherwise it won’t show in the prime 4. When I search a track in file system browser, right click “add tracks to collection” it will show up in the collection on my PC and I can set cue-points. When I put everything on a USB-stick via Sync manager and i put the USB-stick in the Prime 4 the new tracks won’t show up.

When I drag and drop the same track into a playlist and put everything onto a USB stick it will show up in the prime 4. Does all the tracks have to be in a playlist? I have been using Traktor in the past and this works different.

I hope somebody can help me, thanks in advanced.

I have the same issue. Files are fine on the PC.

Select Sync Manager - Select all playlists, they sync, however on the prime 4, no files, but all the playlists and folders.

It’s not actually moving any of the music!

It will not move the files in collection, only in playlist. I have now created a playlist with all my music in it, but i think it’s a strange way of working. It will work for a DJ who plays on a festival for 1 hour, but i play on weddings and i need to bring my entire collection to every gig.

So how do I get engine to move the actual tracks that make up that playlist ?

To be clear if I have playlist 1

With track a b c

And I transfer to internal ssd

I get playlist 1

Zero tracks

Drag and Drop - for both playlisted tracks and non-playlisted tracks (eg entire collection)

Hello Mufasa,

Thankx for you answer, so you never use the sync manager to put your music on a USB stick?

I use both methods

correct me if i’m wrong

  1. you have say 1000 tracks in your library
  2. 200 of those tracks are in some playlists, meaning 800 tracks dont have playlists
  3. you want to create a usb stick with the playlist and the 800 tracks

is this similar to what you are trying to do?

if so

  1. if you are only exporting playlists to the USB - use Sync Manager
  2. if you want the entire collection i.e playlists (200) and the other 800 tracks exported - use Drag n Drop

Hello Mufasa,

That’s exactly what i’m trying to and this will work, thankx for youor help.

you can use both methods

  1. first do sync manager for the playlists

  2. then drag and drop for the tracks that don’t have playlist. select all the tracks in collection and drag. you will not have duplicates…tracks that were imported via sync manager will not be duplicated

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