Track stuck on first downbeat

Last night I played a set and experienced a new problem with my SC6000 that I hadn’t seen before. I load up a track from Tidal, the analysis was done in advance (internal SSD installed). The cue position is at the very start of the track on the first downbeat.

When I hit play, the track does not play - no sound and the waveform is not moving. However, the player acts like it is playing because I can’t use the needle jump feature (it says you must pause the track to do this). Also the Play/Pause button is solid green which would normally indicate it is playing.

I tried setting a Hot Cue on the first downbeat, but the same result. The only way I could fix it was to set my Cue point further into the track, like after 16 beats.

This happened with both of my SC6000s, but only on some tracks. Here is an example from Tidal: “Fixed Nostalgia” by Ditian.

Its very odd because last night was the third set I played using exclusively Tidal and I only had the yesterday.

Did the same track play ok on the 6000 later on, or on another device.

I’ve had a very occasional corrupt track from tidal that wouldn’t even play on a windows desktop PC.

I need to do some more testing. It affected both players and I tried reloading the track.

The only thing I changed since the previous two occasions when it worked was to change the file format to FLAC (Lossless) in the Tidal config on the SC6000.