Track Start Key Combination for Prime GO

I would like to see that Shift+CUE jumps to the start of the track and pause the track. On Prime GO Shift+Play jumps to the start of the track but plays it immediately. Shift+CUE works on MCX8000 and other devices - so why not have the same behaviour on Prime GO.


Hello @FritzBrause Welcome to the forum.

Why You want to have the shift + Cue to jump back and stop? This is done when You have a cue on the start of the track and just hit cue without shift.

Mcx8000 is a discontinued device and is not part of the Prime eco system. Prime go takes its abilities from Prime series consoles and media players. This makes it work like other Prime series devices. Including top of the line SC6000’s.

in standalone mode or as SDJ controller? it has been some time so I cannot remember how was it on MCX8000…

… in standalone mode. Back in the day the standalone mode was the main reason I bought the MCX8000.

I absolutely second this. DigitalDJTips is right with this one, it’s a missed opportunity for a very useful feature to be implemented just like many different platforms have it. Not doing implementing this feels like not doing it just because.

I can’t always keep my cue point at the start of the track :smiley:

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