Track Duplication Problem

Hi guys,

I’m not sure if maybe I am just misunderstanding how this software works but, could someone explain to me why my tracks get duplicated in my collection after I export them to my USB drive?

For example, I have a folder on my computer full of music. I dragged this folder over into the collection area in Engine Prime and it created a crate. This create has 65 songs in it and I can see all of them. I then prepped my music, plugged a USB drive in, and drag-and-dropped the prepared crate onto my USB drive. Now, in Engine Prime, the crate that was first created has 130 tracks in it. All of the songs got duplicated and the only difference is that one copy if Packed and the other is not.

Why am I seeing both of these copies in that crate?


Because EP (still) needs fixing! I use a New rootmap in colection on my usb, for example ‘usb folder’. Than i drag all the crates i need in there, but then still the left tree gets messed up sometimes, dont know why ether. Things will get better! We just have to hang in there and have faith. In ten years from now we can say we were here, right in the beginning.


As a follow up to this for anyone else that runs into this, this is the way the software is supposed to work.

According to the manual, the collection shows the music from all drives, internal and external, so it was showing duplicates because it was showing me files from both my internal drive and my USB drive.

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I have been fighting that battle for quite sometime now and I just gave up on it because I don’t use the collection crate to do my sets; however, I do now have a situation or may I say an issue. I’m revamping my crates to clean them up and kind of do away with songs that are just taking up space.

The issue I’m having is sub-crates to crates. My purpose for sub-crates is to do away with a million songs in the root crate. Here is my example. I will name one crate 2019 and the sub-crate 2019a. Now 2019 has 100 songs and 2019a will have 80 songs. Now when I open up 2019 it now has 180 songs because it took the 80 songs out of 2019a added it to itself. Now this null and voids my purpose for creating 2019a.

Can somebody please explain why its doing this and/or what it is that I’m doing wrong?

Are you using separate drives e.g. Main Collection on Internal and A separate drive for the players?

Are you making crates & subcrates in your main collection combining tracks from both drives?

I don’t recall having the issues you describe but I approach things differently

I have one main collection (4tb SSD external) imported from Serato ,then I have a 500gb SanDisk ext ssd that i export to.

I don’t do much incremental updating of the 500gb…I almost always do a format before exporting to it.

I use both Engine Prime and other tools as well.

I think to avoid dupes, best to manage the collection in one direction…ie do all your library management in the main collection, create your crates and subcrates etc. Then export selected crates.

Or the alternative use your main collection with the Prime player.

With your example

Crate 2019 (Parent crate) 100 tracks 2019A (Subcrate of 2019) 80 tracks

Its normal behaviour for Crate 2019 to show 180 tracks if the 80 tracks in the subcrate 2019A is different from the 100 that crate 2019 originally contained.

Good day Mufasa,

I thank you for your response and for your assistance. I use mostly flash and external hard drives. After reading your email I went back in and do some more research and I see what you are saying and what I have to do now. I’m going to give it a try now and see what I come up with. Thank you again for your help and explaining to me what I have been doing wrong.

You need to work on a principle of having an overall root folder i.e. 2019. If you want a folder with 100 tracks in below, and another with 80 (but don’t want this to be a sub of the 100) then you would need to have a structure such as 2019 (root), 2019a, 2019b instead.

Showing the contents of a USB/device in the main collection along with my collection from my HDD makes no sense at all to me.

Why would denon effectively show a bunch of duplicated tracks whenever a USB is plugged in?

what is the point in this?

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I think because the principal is that you are preparing your USB / HDD for use on the SC5000s, not for use on the computer, so the expectation is you will be dragging from 1 place to another. That is just a guess though.

regardless of the reason, it doesn’t work well, is far from intuitive and is downright confusing!

Good that they have acknowledged the issue in this thread and are working on a solution

It took me about 3 days to get used to the process. Consider the first part (collection) as the MASTER of all your music from wherever it may be, as this could in fact on separate folders, drives or devices. So you add music to that, I use crates instead of adding all music. Then after it analyzes all of it, you drag and drop to whatever drive or drives COLLECTION you want to use, again maybe you want 2 separate sticks for any reason. So, you would have a structure like MASTER then Drive Collection. Use this kind of approach and you will find it working great. I have had no issues. NOTE: if not using a high end gaming pc, import music in chunks, let analyze and then add more.

I have had the same confusion with the duplicates, very confusing I started redoing my collection and also tried deleted duplicates so I got in a mess, strange way to work and quite impractical I find. although I can see the directory now thanks to the answers but never the less weird and confusing clutter, don’t like this.

Seriously what what is preventing this from being implemented? This very basic library management functionality… remove duplicates from a crate is all we are asking for.

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From above it looks like 7 months went past without anyone even mentioning it or asking about it. So probably other requests that got more votes got worked on instead, or quicker.

Have you added you vote to this in the request feature area on this forum?