Top machine - The SC3900



…just had to say after owning a pair of 3900’s for a few months now they are without doubt the closest machine to the feel of a turntable that i’ve ever used. I don’t care what comes after these as this is what i’d been after since ‘CDJ’ type rigs came along in the 90’s,

sadly i got lead around the block by pioneer until recently. I scratch and the setup of torque, stop and spindle/mat tension is amazing.

When I look at at a plasticy pioneer like I used to own it’s nothing like a 3900 and I hope it never tries to be. For once I have a machine pretty much like a turntable (which I think!) will stop me looking at other ones. I use it with Serato in midi mode and the simplicity is the appeal for me. :slight_smile:


oh no

oh no

oh no

Are you realise what you have doned here. By you sayed that Pioneer was plastic and that you had been led around the block by them you will have anger made them. Pioneer wont send you free plasma screen and Pioneer wont send you free CDJ and Pioneer wont send you free mixers.

But…as pioneer reliabily and build strength has been lower and lower for last few years compare whend they built the strong CDJ1K mk 3 then you probable had a good escapes.


lol some people. :mrgreen:

Anyway, congrats. Many people people out there have blinders on when it comes to the Pioneer brand. They may try other decks and find out (like you have) that there are better options out there for less money. I’ve said it here before, and I’ll say it again… Denon just wants people to try each brand side by side and wants the end users to make up their own minds. They don’t want people to be swayed by marketing hype and flashy advertising (which seems to help for Pio for some reason). But when you take away all the flash and advertising and put each brand/deck to the test, the true vinyl guys out their will see that Denon is the obvious choice.

Denons customer service and their dedication to the end user speaks loudly about their passion for the industry. Way back I used to be a Pio user. I too was wooed by their fancy advertising machine and their "top rate" djs that used their equipment.

I found out over time that these “top” guys usually never paid for their equipment, which meant the regular joe shmoe would have to foot the bill with overly inflated prices. It was only when I got to try the S5000 (Denon`s first motorized platter deck) that my eyes opened up to what was available.

I haven’t looked back since. There have only been a couple of times in my life that I have regretted doing/not doing something… switching from Pio to Denon was never one of them.

Once again, congrats. :wink:


Congrats, we feel the same way :wink:


I agree, these decks are the best decks on the market. I still have my 1200s and started with Denon 5 years ago with my first pair of 3500s and I thought those decks werre awesome then came the 3700s and wow, those were even better. A larger plater with a real vinyl. Now the 3900s, awesome.


Anyway, congrats. Many people people out there have blinders on when it comes to the Pioneer brand…

Man, that’s a pretty epic post, it’s important for people to know that pio are not the be all and end all of DJ Gear. The S-5000 blew my mind when I got to play a few gigs with a pair, however their owner was an idiot and dropped one, which didn’t help it’s performance. My next purchase was inevitably gonna be S-3500 set and dn-x1500… which I still have and use.