Time division strip inconsistent

Hey guys, I’m struggling with the time division strip of my X1850. It’s very inconsistent with the instant button. Sometimes it releases the effect when I take my finger off and sometimes not.

But it works always with the reverb effect correctly.

Is it just me or do you have the same issues?

Here is a little video that shows what I mean. https://tinyurl.com/X1850strip

I noticed it too. But what I picked on is you have to press hard on it meaning it needs more surface area to register. Lightly touching it will get an inconsistent response.

The strip itself is quite responsive but mine one doesn’t release the effect after I take my finger away.

By default it’s not meant to. If you want that I think it’s the instant button you need to press first.

Beware of the time divisions you use while on instant. For example if use slide your finger on 2 via touch strip while say using echo you should hear the echo for that amount even when you take you finger off, no?

I’m still learning this mixer but, in my opinion so far the beat effects are a bit weak. However the sweep effects are great.

You’re right I do that. The instant button is on but it still keeps the effect sometimes (often) still on even if I take my finger away.

In my understanding does the instant button replace the on / off press of the BPM fx button.

So if I turn instant on and touch the strip it should go on and if I take the finger away it should go off.

And the mixer does it 100% of the time on the reverb effect and is very inconsistent with the other effects.

The bpm effects are not comparable to pioneer. They sound really bad for my taste. But I love the sweep fx!!!