Tidal unable to refresh after WiFi drop

Tidal crashed after some WiFi problems… WiFi is now stable, but Tidal does not find any playlists or tracks. Log out from Account also keeps spining for ever… Pls help! Prime 4 Controller was powered up for about 2-3 hours when the Problem occoured.

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Hi @MC_Nixi - Welcome to the community. I’ll be happy to help.

Could explain what you mean by ‘crash’ ?

Did you loose audio or were you just unable to see Tidal playlists and songs since you lost connection.

There was absolut no connection with Tidal, no playlists, no Songs. Even the unsubscribe account did not work. Only a full Power reset of the Prime 4 could solve the Problem! Thanks Denon!

Ok thanks for the follow up. It seems the problem was more of a WiFi interruption than a crash.

Glad to hear a fresh connection resolved the issue. You can always forget a network and reconnect in the WiFi settings rather than power cycling the unit.

Updating topic title to better reflect post.

That’s not correct! Fogetting the network did not help! Also a different Network was no help. Only a complete power off off the Prime 4 Controller solved the Problem… During a live Gig…

With all due respect … Do not depend on WiFi and Tidal. Make sure you have a proper back catalog… Tidal/ WiFi is a cool feature from Denon - absolutely…

But still, stuff can happen, which EVEN Denon cant predict.

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Oh, two weeks ago, i have the same probleme with the P4 and Tidal about wifi. Only after a complete power off - tidal was to use. I change the wifi connection bevor - but nothing. It happens after 3 hours playing for the first time with tidal. When the P4 is running with tidal it is a very very cool and good System, but so - not realy.

Regards from Corona-Germany :wink: Party never end

Wie unten schon geschrieben, ist mir das neulich auch so passiert. Da half nur noch einnmal ein Kaltstart :frowning:

Dann ist es vielleicht ein deutsches Problem? :wink:

First off all, you are right in case of back up music. But that’s not the point here. I tried to switch off WiFi a couple of Times, even for longer times, like 5min. No help! New network, also no Help!

Only a complete power off of the Prime 4 solved the Problem.

Y’all should let Denon answer the question and give the fix. As he said it occurred after hours. Even when WiFi was restored he still needed to reset the system. Denon should look into this a dropped signal should not cause you to have to reset. I’m using VDJ with deezer if signal drops, song resumes loading soon as signal appears, I do not need to restart the software. So I’m curious if a Denon is taking this seriously and will sort it out.

You can already just run audio from a legacy laptop into two audio channels of the prime so you can run audio from a laptop and audio from prime all simultaneously.

I see less switching being needed really as so many people are saying they have chosen the prime route to cease their laptop need for DJing anyway. Just the Legacy karaoke and pop video jocks who still have to think about still controlling laptop software