Tidal-Songs won't load

I can successfully use Tidal with my Prime Go at home via my home wi-fi network connection. But, songs won’t load via a successful public wi-fi connection. I get the message, "file may be corrupt or format is unsupported’. I had similar issues, not specifically though, with my SD card not being formatted correctly for use with stored music files but it is my understanding that the SD card shouldn’t even come into play while using Tidal. Can anyone help?

Not a GO owner but I guess you need a correctly formated media (Stick/card) available for cache when using streaming sources

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So even though I can store mp3’s on the SD card and play them, it may not be formatted correctly?

If the go show the SD card and you can see and Play the songs you should be good.

Have you tried your phones hotspot?

Well the Go does show the SD card and I can see and play songs on my home wi-fi and the same is true when I’m connected to a public wi-fi EXCEPT the loading and playing part. I’m thinking it could be that the public wi-fi signal is not strong enough even though I can connect to it successfully. My next goal was to try using my phone as a hotspot and taking it a step further setting up a router in a repeater mode to boost that wi-fi signal and/or the public wi-fi signal.

It could be that the public wi-fi has been restricted to prevent downloads (which is understandable).

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Hmmm, interesting. Well I’ll reply back when and if I find a solution.