Tidal - Intro Beat Cut off

With Tidal, a portion of the 1st beat is cut off on the track. So the beatgrid starts on the 2nd beat. You cant properly move the beatgrid back because there is not a full beat to move back to. So the grid ends up being off by a couple millimeters or so.

Anyone else experience this?


I have the same issue :disappointed_relieved:

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the same issue


Same here, iv noticed it more so with Drum & Bass tracks. We also need a way to manually adjust BPM value on the analysed tracks on board


Anyone else have this issue? It seems to happen w 4/4 tracks quite a bit even after 1.4 moved out of beta

I have a same issue with multiple tunes. First beat from the beginning is missed and beatgrid starts from 2nd beat.

Player: SC5000Ms Firmware version: 1.4.0

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So i noticed if you use the rotary and start the bar on the 5th beat, so the #1 will be at the 5th beat instead of the 1st ——/the grid will self adjust. So far, works pretty good

True. That works. It seems that some of tunes in Tidal are missing part of the first beat.