Tidal integration doesn't show updated playlists content

I updated both of my SC5000M from v1.4.1 to Engine OS 1.5.1 but now I recognize my playlists are outdated.

Tidal on AppleTV - Playlist starts correcly with Adana Twins - Nobis

Tidal on MacBook - Playlist starts correcly with Adana Twins - Nobis

Tidal on iPhone - Playlist starts correcly with Adana Twins - Nobis

Tidal on SC5000M - Playlist starts incorrecly with Karmon - 6 a.m.

EDIT: I just realize that the sort order is alphabetical. How can I change that to sort by the order I defined in the Tidal app?? Every device shows the order I defined except my SC5000M’s since engine OS 1.5.1

A playlist in Engine is a fixed list. You can’t change the order.

Looks like maybe a Tidal playlist needs to be a ‘crate’ in Engine so the OS understands that the order is not fixed.

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I’m not talking about Engine Prime. I’m talking about SC5000M with its Tidal integration. I’ve created several playlists in Tidal - not in Engine Prime - but since Engine OS v1.5.1 (the firmware of the SC5000M) every playlists track ordering is changed to alphabetical order. That happens only on SC5000M. Tidal on AppleTV, Tidal on iPhone, and Tidal on Macbook show the correct manual ordering.

Engine Prime has no Tidal integration hence I can’t create a crate and sync it to USB/MicroSD

I didn’t say you were. I said Engine. I’ll make it clearer. In Engine OS. OK?

The Engine system (not just Engine Prime software) regards playlists as fixed order lists. It states this in the manual.

But it is not fixed order list because the order on the SC5000M is alphabetical not the order I choose.

That’s why I added the screenshots of my Apple TV, iPhone, and Macbook showing the first track manually ordered is Adana Twins - Nobis. But on the SC5000M the order is alphabetical which sets Karmon - 6 a.m.

Alphabetical ordering 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A … Z

Manual fixed ordering: My track 1 My track 2 … My track X

The idea of a playlist is a fixed ordering BUT the SC5000M shows playlists with alphabetical ordering which renders the concept of the playlist obsolete. Now it’s just a collection of tracks alphabetically sorted by track titel

Confirmed. With recent firmware, Tidal playlists are now shown with songs listed alphabetically whereas with previous version they were displayed as ‘date added’ or most recent as selected within my Tidal account.

Hi there. Sharing the concern of Tidal playlists now no longer in order defined on any other device. Really annoying when you build your test sets by 1/ selecting and ordering on phone 2/ open and try out in venues from SC / go. This easy workflow was very handy when you work out fresh selection each day :).

Any chance we get this reverted t In next release?


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This is big fail, sorry, introducing Beatport and killing Tidal usability is big disappointment. Was it by intention? Please fix it asap, Is there an option how to revert back to previous version?

Agreed about Tidal playlist order. I’ve spent the last 3 months getting used to the order of my Playlists (300+ songs each) only to have the order changed unexpectedly with the latest update.

Please provide a way to sort by date added the way it was. Alphabetical by track title is useless in underground music.

A bug report was entered by me a few days ago regarding this issue. Like it, heart :heart: it, or whatever. Maybe they’ll fix it then.

I’ve also messaged Tidal. Hopefully Tidal will look at it and get it fixed. If you haven’t already message Tidal. The more that message them the better.

Done, thanks.

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