The changes I experience after the update

After the post yesterday where @paul_denondj said that he had not heard anything about the Engine Prime was deleting Cue Points, I went through my experiences after the update, and they are as follow:

So, now I’ve had some more time to test the latest Firmware-update.

Here’s the issues I experience (due to the way I dj) By the way . Forgot to say THANKS to Denon for launching a update first in the week instead of a Friday or so!

Here we go…

A. HotCue (We are all aware of this, so won’t go any further in to this)

B. Saved Loops: Before the update, I could “activate” a saved loop by following steps:

  1. Load track

  2. Press the Loop button (pad) - Press one of the saved loops

  3. Press the Cue button (pad) - And chose a cue point.

  4. When I pressed Play and the track came to the loop-point, it automatically startet the loop. This doesn’t work anymore. :frowning:

C. Load-Knob/ Back & Forward buttons. After the update its like 50/50 if the Back & Forward buttons highlight a chosen track and therefor its only 50/50 if I can load a track by pressing the Load-knob. The rest of the times I have to press the Back & Forward buttons a couple of extra times and rotate the knob once again, to make sure the selected track is highlighted before I can load a track by pressing the knob. (And Yes, I do know I can Swipe - just pointing out the bugs/ changes)

D. Engine Prime erased all my saved Cue points and Loops (but I forgot to do the backup because I was so extatic that we got a update, so only one to blame at the end…Myself. But don’t think a Engine Prime update should do that or am I wrong?

I absolutely love the Dual Layer function, and use it a lot - but what if:
Lets say you are IN Layer A - you have Layer A playing a track, and a track cued up and ready at Layer B… then it would be awesome if you by holding SHIFT + pressing Play, could start Layer B, from the Layer A view, so you can see the moving waveform, remaining time etc. And if you need to restart Layer B, simply Hold SHIFT and press the Cue button, when in Layer A view.

And same vice versa.

And finally, once again, we all talk about it - The adjustable Beatgrid, would be awesome if it works like on the MCX8000. Go to “Adjust Beatgrid” Turning the jogwheel moves the beatgrid Holding SHIFT and turning the jogwheel changes the size of the beatgrid.

That´s all from me for now :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work Denon, and thanks for the info-update yesterday!