The centre platter display - How will you use yours?

The SC5000 Prime has a full colour circular, jog wheel display - this display [as well as track duration and loop length] usually shows the Album Art of the track that’s loaded/playing, BUT it can also be locked to show a DJ or Venue Logo, Event night name or other graphic… How will you use yours?

Most likely my logo as I rarely keep the album art on my tracks up to date - although I do like the idea of the name of the night for photos too… So many options!

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I think this will be one of the hardest things to decide! :smile:

I’m torn between both…though I’ll probably end up rolling with the album artwork to start with. I really dig the idea of placing photos of the evening there.

The question I want to raise is this: will a future update enable the center label to rotate instead of just the illuminated portion around the artwork? :sunglasses:

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I think I’ll use them to watch some Netflix :stuck_out_tongue:

That might make your eyes hurt after a while…

As the SC5000 Prime has got two displays, and the centre platter display is the smaller of the two, I wouldn’t recommend that you try watching Netflix on it , for all sorts of health and safety reasons that I can’t think of about watching small tv screens for two long…

Now watching stuff on the SC5000 Primes large screen… hmmmmm yeah ! You might be onto something there!

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Not sure if there is an option to set a custom logo that only shows when artwork on a track is not available, but that would be my preference. Best of both worlds :slight_smile:


Still cant get my logo in the center display. Have adjusted size to 600x600 pixels, saved as logo.png in the engine folder on my usb stick. But it doesnt show.

Also i would like a setting in the shortcut or utility menu for custom logo or album art. And it would be nice if possible to choose between multiple logo’s, say my own logo, a camelot wheel and a logo from the event i play or whatever… Maybe a logo crate or folder in the stick structure.

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Yeah waiting for the first hack, one player to make music one to play Netflix.

I use my logo on it:

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yay! Finally got it! I named the logo.png but when i deleted the .png from the filename itself it worked! So name the .png file ‘logo’ thats it.

Using it for 2 layers I like the album art because it helps know what track is on if you’re moving fast, so you don’t accidentally turn off the wrong track. That’s only when flipping back and fourth.

how did you do it? where are the setting on that

Here’s an idea for platter display use…


Good thinking :slight_smile:

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ou faut il placer ce logo pour qu’il s’affiche???

Tu dois nom Le file logo et placer dans Le library folder. Excuse ma mauvais francais

Thank you for your help, I’m happy it works

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is it possible to use the custom jpg only when there is no album art available?

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