Thanks to Denon and Team

I just wanted to say thanks to the Denon team for the incredible updates lately.

It seems they have really been trying to make this the best controller for DJ’s.

Also, the responses from the “actual” staff and management really shows they are listening and responding.

Here is an example:

mattc: In Music Staff

"Hi all

We are working on the BPM algorithm improvements - this research project is a large rewrite, and is showing excellent results. We are working on bringing this work into Engine, but not for the currently available Engine Prime 1.3.3 release. It is a major focus for the teams, our goal is to bring about best in class results.

Cheers Matt"


Can’t argue with that! Lord knows we’re a handful! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been a longer road for some of us than others but it’s certainly exciting to see these awesome products start to really flex what they’re capable of!

Agree on the longer road. I started on the SC3900’s and always felt like Denon gave the DJ the most innovative equipment, best build quality and incredible prices for the money.

Other than marketing and wanting to be part of the “Me too” crowd, I’m at a loss as to why DJ’s would go with that other big name §.

I can understand the very top echelon doing it only because they are familiar with that equipment and it brought them this far in their careers but they are definitely missing out if they don’t try it.

Just a word to Denon, know that we are hard on you guys because we know you are capable of beating the competition soundly, so don’t let the small things like EP be the Achilles heel to dominating the market when you’re so close.

We give you a hard time because we truly believe in this brand and so far you are delivering.


I think the time spent on serato was a resource waste, one that I hope they don’t repeat with traktor or algorithm D-Jay or the others. But if serato compatible control makes people jump from serato only, to using standalone more and more then that’s a good thing for the future.

With no focus on serato needed any more by the resource teams, let’s hope for lots of great things for the firmware in Primes and in Engine Prime too please

Of course the main focus should be to improve the weakest point. Engine and improve some features on the great equipment. That doesn’t mean that having bridges to other platforms couldn’t help making Denon the new deserved King as it could help moving people from other platforms. I love Traktor and I have stated some reasons to integrate with it. But of course the priority should be Engine and some of the stand alone features. Traktor and other integrations could be left to Native Instruments and others, not consuming important resources to Denon.

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Hi Guys,

Thank you for the kind words and acknowledging our teams efforts. All of our departments work very hard to give our customers the best product and product experience possible.

It’s far more common for someone to share a negative experience online vs a positive one so, thank you for taking the time to let us know we’re on the right path. It means a lot to us and we feel it to! :raised_hands:

Some very exciting times ahead!


I am not a Serato user, with that said… I know a couple people who are making the leap to Denon as their hardware platform because of the Serato support. If making their product more accessible for new/existing customers and making some sales in the process was a bad move then perhaps they should take a business class. :nerd_face:

Of course as a standalone user I hope they continue refining the development of the units as such, but if they can kill two birds with one stone why shouldn’t they. Kudos to Denon Dj


To Denon DJ

I just want to say how incredibly impressed I am with the work your team has done recently. I have been a working dj for almost 17 years and some of my first players where your DNS5000’s and DNS3500’s and later the DNS3700 (still my favorite platter on any dj device ever). I actually still own a 3500 because the direct drive active platter gives me the sensation of being back on my 1200’s without the need to collect vinyl or worry about DVS with a computer.

This is all beyond the point. Because I started getting more gigs where bringing my own gear became less practical I was forced to learn the Pioneer ecosystem and transitioned my DJ library into Rekordbox. I held on with the “industry standard” (I still hate that saying), for as long as I could, but you guys started making so much noise again I knew I had to come back if I wanted to keep having fun with DJing and continue to push myself learning new skills, using something that feels a little new etc.

I sold off my XDJ and my Nexus lineup and purchased your Prime 4 to have something super feature rich but smaller and portable for the gigs that I can bring my own gear to. I would have loved the motorized Prime setup but it’s not as practical to carry to gigs for me personally. Hoping more promoters and venues will make your gear a standard and I am doing my best to convince every non-Denon DJ I know to at least try the gear out. I have converted a couple so far simply because I want to open people’s eyes to what else is out there.

I see you guys like the humble company in the background that spends most of its money on hard work R&D and building sturdy equipment vs the Pioneers/Beats of the world that spend much more money towards advertising. Unfortunatly in business it’s who has the loudest voice, not the best product, that makes the most noise. I am hoping by having some amazing talent and well known artists working as influencers for the company that the trend starts turning your way, to a company that really cares about making the best product and less about what’s in your pockets.

I have to admit, the P4 has some more to still get right, but so do we all. It is still the best single DJ device I have ever used in my years as a professional. Your teams responsiveness to requests and comments has instilled a lot of confidence in me as a customer. Keep doing what you are doing, and maybe allocate a little more to some creative marketing (if you have the budget) and I can see the tides turning and one day soon Denon DJ becoming the industries standard.

You have inspired me to start creating a DJ video series that I will be releasing soon. The Stagelink possibilities with Resolume and Soundswitch have me very impressed. Thank you guys for doing what you do and doing it well. KEEP IT UP!


well said, I love the final statement. I hope that all my feature requests and bugs I post are not seen as complaints about the system. I genuinely want the best product’s (not even company) to win table space in clubs, festivals and arenas around the world. To me your products are already the best, but to make everyone else see it too you need to keep working hard for it.

Your story isn’t much different than that of a typical artist. To get the most attention you not only have to be the best and be persistent but many times you have to pay your way to the top, or be willing to invest in your visibility (marketing). I think there’s a reason why Coke and Disney still pay for advertisements everywhere. Everyone and their mother around the world knows them, it’s because brand familiarity most often sells a product. My rant can go on, but I am simply a mavin rooting for the success of you.