Thank you Denon!

Today I recorded using OBS for the very first time. I knew Denon had built in broadcasting mode in the X1850. I went to the menu, activated broadcast mode, started OBS and immediately the X1850 was discovered. Worked without any hassle. Man, soooo happy! These players are such a joy! Pioneer guys really don’t know what they’re missing.

Thank you Denon!

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I’m happy that you’re happy but really, there is nothing special about “broadcasting mode”. It’s a shortcut in settings so you don’t have to manually assign usb channels.

Older denon mixers had the possibility to assign them, pioneer mixers have it.

Happy broadcasting.

How does this work exactly? Can we record with just connecting usb and use OBS? No need for external hardware stuff?

Just switch your usb2 in the mixer menu to broadcast mode and your software will pick up the mixer’s main out as ch1/2.

Or you can make it easier and just plug in your phone to record and stream video. That’s the good thing about the new generation of class compliant mixers.

You could already do that (mixer is an audio interface for your computer), but some old software could only see/support ch1+2. That’s what the broadcasting mode is for.

Alright! Perfect. Ive seen people talking about behringer and different hardware that needs to be connected for them to record. Glad I dont need that then!

Not on the X18x0. You still do need separate audio interfaces for Prime4,2.GO.

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