Thank you Denon

Big thanks to Denon for sending me new unit after screen freeze and power switch failure.

Speedy service and no issues.

Loving having my unit back.



Glad to hear they took care of you. I just bought a refurbished one, wasn’t anywhere near my price range otherwise, I’m itching for it to arrive. How common is the screen freeze?

Hi it depends, I was advised that my unit fell within serial numbers that were responsible for freeze and power issue. The screen freeze was fixable and reducing the brightness settings solved it.

However in my case the power stuck on as well rendering an on and off switch useless. I then suffered from a display crash and that was the nail in the coffin.

I was understandably very happy with the result and was considering going for a prime 4.

Now that its all fixed Im loving my new unit.

I did persevere with the issues and after an honest conversation with Denon they did the honourable thing and exchanged it out if guarantee.

I dont want to induce a stampede but this is a known issue Denon were very transparent and have addressed my complaint.

5 stars for Denon.

Thank you.


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