Talkover feature (autoduck)?

Hi everyone, I’m Marco from Italy.

I would like to see an in dept review on the talkover feature of the MCX8000. In particular I don’t find anywere if the MCX8000 have an AUTO talk over (or must press averytime the talkover button) and in this scenario if there are any control to this feature (i.e.: the talkover ratio, the release time, the triggering, etc.). A video tutorial on how in works should be fine :smiley:

PS: I beg your pardon fr the errors in this writings.

Well, ducking is automatic by nature. The whole idea is that it listens to the primary source and when sound found above the treshold level, brings down all other sounds.

So, if you press the ducking button, from that moment on it will “listen” on the mic and if there is an input above the treshold it will cut down the level of all else. Clearly you don’t want that to happen when the mic is laying next to the mixer/player and picking up crowd and PA sound. Hence the on/off button, so it is only active when you want to use the mic for talking.

There is, far as I know, no controls to set. It’s all fixed for the parameters you mentioned.

Being an old hand from the days before auto anything, I was (and still am) used to just riding the faders. That way you have full control over timing and levels. For my personal taste ducking on most controllers/mixers takes the sound away too much. I like it to have my voice just slightly above the music, keeping the overall energy levels about the same to prevent it from sounding like a break/pause in the music.

Making a video seems like a waste of time as all it would show is what happens when you press the ducking button. Easy enough to check for yourself :slight_smile:.

Thank you. The question was because I don’t had the MCX8000 in my hand when I asked.

The day after I found a MCX8000 dealer whith the console inhouse (and good pricing, near the best price I found online) and before purchasing it I had a little test and it works pretty ok for my taste (so only now I have my MCX8000)… I think that a real person to speak with is far better than save 50€ and struggle to solve some issue that a newbye can have.

NB: I’m not using it to real djing… it will be placed in sports event (in engine mode) where autoduck feature will be a nice improvement and the ability of changing song will be a nice addon.

I know… it’s overkill… but will do do job and now we have a nice room to improve our event quality (without purchase only a mixer and then struggle to change song and other thing). PS: in international event (once a year) maybe we can call a real dj and have in place all the equipment he need to perform… or maybe I can improve myself and do this job (but now in this sports event I have another important job).

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In all honesty, I think the 8000 has one of the best sounding ‘ducking’ features I heard on a mixer yet. It doesn’t drop it too low & it is very quick to duck & return. It’s a great feature that I never used (coz I didn’t like the way they worked) until now!!

Frankly, I haven’t tried on my MCX8000 yet either. For the same reasons @crazycraig mentions.

Guess I will have to try soon.

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