Talk of Sound swítch

I have given up on Stage Linq and am using soundswitch. Works very well even with lasers and the company is more than helpful to get new lights/lasers working for you.


Got the soundswitch kit too. funny enough once I got my head around it I’ve been too lazy to deploy it at gigs.

I’ve been thinking of getting SoundSwitch, but been holding off for news on the StageLinq front. Sadly it’s taking very long to implement & there really hasn’t been much info on how it will work or what it’s actually gonna do. We could be holding out for something that doesn’t even offer the same functionality as SoundSwitch does :frowning: Hopefully one of the helpful Denon staff here can give us a bit more insight into exactly what StageLinq offers :wink:

I am working with soundswitch now on their 1.2 beta they have been extremely helpful and more than accommodating plus their hardware looks pretty cool.

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Is soundswitch easy to disassemble? I want to use it during the festival but not only me who will use lightning, and others but some other performers who are not DJ and they use DMX. Thanks btw sorry for my english :slight_smile: im from indonesia

Soundswitch is just a little box with a USB-Port on one side, the DMX connector on the other. Nothing to disassemble. Just connect the wires and off you go.

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Hi, I totally agree with you.

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if other use Standard DMX Controller? Can I easily Connect and where to connect the Soundswitch :grinning: SoundSwitch -> All Light system / Soundswitch -> Standard DMX Controller -> All Light system ? and can i use it for Fog & Haze machine? Thanks.

and now Denon owns SoundSwitch!!