Sync feature requests

I use a lot the sync feature to change the tempo while two tracks are playing. Here is my two recommendations.

Actually, we must press the “sync button” to the deck that are not actually playing to set the sync function properly. If we have a track playing in the Deck A at 120 BPM and a track loaded at 125 BPM in the Deck B, if we press the sync button on the Deck A, the song currently playing step up to 125 BPM directly and the master deck is on the Deck B. Is it possible to set up the master deck automatically on the deck currently playing? And also, the master deck could switch to the next deck if we hit play/pause or cue to stop it.

Another thing it will be nice to have is a tempo control like Serato where we can hit shift to change the tempo slider position. It’s very useful when we need to decelerate or accelerate a lot to match the bpm of the other deck in sync while keeping a smooth control at a lower BPM range.

I don’t know if these things are possible in Engine, but if yes, it will be two more reasons to use Engine more often!

Thank you!

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