Sweep Fx editing

Please we need same audio fx on the prime series. The effects 1 and 2 on Prime Go suffer the lack of editing parameters in order to give us the same results as P4 or P2.


It’s as it was when you bought it - if it didn’t offer something that you wanted or needed , you could have chosen the prime 2.

??? When you buy a product with « similar » functions like in the Prime Go, you expect at least identical fx.

When you use any of the other brand products (ie ddj 200-400-800-1000…) same fx results in same sounds… or you don’t call it powered by Engine OS.

Ex : wash fx duration is way longer and better on Prime 4, Flanger/phaser is limited to 8bars in P4 but to 32 bars in Prime Go.

Errr no - I’d do the research before buying.

If the fun one with the battery didn’t do what I wanted, I’d look for the prime that did

When you own all the serie you expect similarities (don’t know if you own one)

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I read what you’re saying but you’re sort of using a catch-all viewpoint. Someone could look at the Prime 4 and the Prime Go and say “they’re both prime so the prime 4 should have a battery”

Someone could look at the prime 4 and the X1850 and say “they’re both prime , every sweep and fx bank effect should match”

Someone could look at the prime 2 and the prime 4 and say they’re both prime so should have the same number of channels.

Why not say , they’re all prime , they should be similar prices ?

There will always be differences , otherwise there’s no point in having different models. Want the most input options - then get the separate mixer 1850, want the biggest display - get the 6000, want the vertical waves, get the prime 4. Want a battery, it’s the GO. Want the most effects - it’s the x1850 Between any models there will be similarities and there WILL be differences - otherwise it’s the same model

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I think the request is perfectly legitimate. It’s just a request and since the effects are all software-based, an improvement or extension is possible.

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Thank you :pray: That’s all we need