Support service is not giving me support with the included freebies

After registering my Prime 4 I tried to get the freebies that are available in the website like the Tidal 3 free months or the Timecode Sync and Timecode View free months… I had no problem getting the Tidal free months, but when I tried to get the serial for Timecode Sync and Timecode View, I always get this error message: “An error has occurred: support team has been informed please try again tomorrow”. I tried the following day, and the day after that one, and every day… and always the same error. I asked to the support service and almost after a week someone contacted me asking for a screen shot of the error, I replied sending the screen shot and… support neve came back to me again. I sent another support request today. The funny thing is that I received a survey asking for the quality of the support service. Someone had the same errors trying to get the free Timecode Sync and Timecode View? Some solution? Someone has been also forgotten by the support service?

Hi @teotormo,

Sorry for the difficulties. I’ll have the team take a look to see what’s causing the error. It may just be that we are out of codes and are waiting to receive them from our partners. I’ll get back to you with an update soon.

I also get no answer from support :sleepy:

I make an update to 1.3.3 with the blue USB Cable. Then I try to update to 1.4.0 Beta2 via blue USB Cable and I always get the following error message, Prime 4 not detected! The transfer from engine prime is working fine.

unfortunately you can not insert screenshots here :wink:

  • Firmware Version 1.3.3
  • Prime4 Controler Version 01.14
  • Prime4 Mixer Version 01.29
  • Prime4 Left Display Version 00.34
  • Prime4 Left Display Version 00.34
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Que solucion tuviste ?, pudiste resolver el problema de alguna forma?

I didn’t get my 3 months tidal either.


See 3 Months of TIDAL for free