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It’s been well over a week, since I’ve filed multiple support claims about the usb-b port in the rear of the device breaking. I can’t get a hold of anyone and at this point I don’t know what to do. I figured I’d reach out here before airing out my dirty laundry via twitter & reddit.

What device is the usb b port on?

sc5000, the inside (plastic which seperates the pins has broken off)

Wow! How can You break this? This is actually a physical damage.

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it was sitting on its own, i think it was a faulty port (i’ve seen this before with cheap usb -b ports)

After 3 years and many updates my USB B ports on SC’s 5000 are still looking like new. The ports here are very high quality. So in Your case there had to be a try to force the connector in or a usb stick (by accident).

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normally I would say that, but the way it broke (plastic in middle snapping without damaging connection pins) aligns with a manufacturing defect.

Very strange indeed, it looks like You are the very first person to have this issue…

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Well if it was gonna go “all by itself” for no reason at all, then it would surely have done that during the warranty period - if it was Damaged at the factory then it would have fallen off all by itself in like just a few weeks.

So as it’s gotta be in warranty - just send it to whoever you need to send it to.

Hi @edhofmann - To offer a helpful reply could you let me know the following?

When did you purchase your product?

Where did you purchase it from?

This is clearly a HW problem just need to know if you need details for in or out of warranty repair.