Strange Behaviour - pitch bend


Last night I turned on my players and started to have a mix.

I have both players set in Vinyl mode, so when I move the platter, the pitch bends.

Both players are set the same however when I move the platter on one of them, the pitch bends slightly before dragging the track back, as if I have touched the top of the platter… neither have ever behaved like this before and I have tried different resistance settings…its the same on each…the other player, I can turn and turn and it bends the pitch.

I am running 1.3.1 on both players… any advice please?

EDIT - this morning i have done more digging… I have 4 spdif into the x1800 from both sc5k… on the player which is acting weird…when I plug an RCA into the player and mixer (along with the spdif) the problem doesn’t happen…as soon as the rca is unplugged…it starts! weird

thank you they are 6 months old too.

You wouldn’t still have the foil on the platter, would you? :innocent: It sound like a grounding related issue.

Also, vinyl mode shouldn’t bend but scratch, or am I wrong?!

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no I dont have the sticker on :slight_smile:

the music been bending since april and now suddenly its slipping… weird… but ONLY when the digitals are plugged in without their rca too…

What can I do about the grounding please?

EDIT - when I bought the players, one was supplied with a EURO plug, which I have been using with an adapter into uk 3pin…I went back to the shop and they gave a UK lead… I never plugged it in… I just swapped them over and hey presto… with the digitals only and rca removed… its back to normal!!! thank you for suggesting it



Nice one mate!

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