Storage Devices Tried And Tested By User (Lets all Compile)

I think it would be a great help to Compile a list or storage devices users who have tried and tested with success and what Spec and spec of laptop/computer/etc/windows or mac and so on so that we can get a wider and clearer view on our options and based on our needs and cash flow, a more comprehensive listing would save some new users anguish so they do not buy incompatible Storage and help us who bought the wrong brands the next time round.

It only takes a short time to add what I mention above including what Denon hardware device you use obviously, if you have had no issues with corrupted databases and other such Problems, Problem free list. Try to keep spec to the point and in a list type Format

Many thanks if you take the time to help fellow users, much appreciated.

Here is what I did a long time ago, and it’s still working today. I bought a 3 basic laptop drives and put them into powered USB enclosures (Sata). Formatted them, transferred my music collection to all three, did a database for the drives, done. (I like back ups)

The reason why I went the DIY route was easy… I didn’t have to worry about any hidden partitions, splash start up screens or security encryption (like some portable drives have from factory, ie Seagate WD, ect).

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Brand : Sandisk Model: Extreme 500 Type: SSD Size: 500gb

Application: As an export drive to use with the players

Brand: G-technology Model: G Drive mobile USB Size: 4TB Type: HD

Application: Main Collection (Serato). Use is a bit convoluted as its formatted in macs HFS. But i can still navigate to it using the explorer or just drag and drop from an open Serato DJ to Engine Prime.

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Good to know, thanks for the replies.

Keep the spec Coming people, it could help many make better decisions, I am currently testing a 250GB SSD and a 1 terabyte hard drive so I have all relatively new drives, I have wiped my system, although having problems in making my master drive ExFat it will not stay formatted as that, instead on installing windows 10 it keeps installing it back as NTFS, so not sure what go on. I am Still doing tests, but in essences I was trying to have all my drives Exfat to rule out the error message I always get in engine prime about formatting my drive. So working hard at it and hopefully I will figure out and be able to include my spec once tested reliable.

Keep the spec coming::

Buffalo HD-PA1.0TU3-EU 1TB MiniStation Thunderbolt USB3 Ext Hard Drive

This is a bus-powered 1TB USB3/Thunderbolt HDD. Used it originally for Serato on a Macbook Pro. Rebuit my music library in Engine Prime and has worked 100% so far with the SC5000.

SanDisk Extreme 32GB USB3 Flash Drive

For mixing on the move I tend to use one of these USB3 sticks. No problems so far with Engine Prime and the SC5000.

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