START/TIME option and new firmware

Hello problems with the SART / TIME option it fits itself with all the firmware

Hi Riky Raider, could you give more information regarding your request / question please. Thanks

Durante il play di una traccia si inserisce l’opzione START/TIME bloccandosi il deck

During the play of a track, the START / TIME option is inserted, blocking the deck

Hey ! Gee Where can i get the latest firmware I bought a mcx8000 before with a low firmware it works well !!! When I update the firmware of 1.5 ,so many problem came out ! windows 7 64 1st… driver display just left and right , no mcx8000 2nd… connect the serato dj 1.96 ,its not unlock the roll ! if 1.99 version its unlock the rolls. 3rd …when I play music in serato 7.99 ,after a few time ,it will be gona noisy adn lose control !!! How long will the next firmware come out ???

If any of the forum members on this thread would like to try out the new beta firmware for the MCX8000, which is currently on version 008, you can - by joining the public beta testing group.

It’s a two-way group, yes, you get thebeta firmware for home testing, but in return, we’d like you to report back any unexpected behaviour that you encounter.

If you’d like to join the public beta tester group, just send me a private message.

hi gee the problem subsists, the wavform disappears and the start / time is inserted could you inform the denon technicians? Thank you