Standalone four channel blending with all four Line inputs

Hello… Quick question for those with a MCX8000. In Standalone mode… Is it possible to have all four line sources going at the same time… If you set all four inputs switches to Line… And ontop of being able to cross fade decks 1 & 2 with usb stick music… . Can you hook up a line level turntable to line 3 input and up/down fade that source (which contains its own non-usb music) in and out ontop of line 1&2… And if so, can you also have an additional line input source (such as a smart phone or cd player which also contains its own non-usb music) connected to line 4 input and also be able to up/down fade that source in/out as well over line 1&2… Essentially blending all four songs togeather for creating mega mixes. And finally, can all four inputs, 1,2,3,4 when set to “line” in standalone mode be headphone monitored separately & togeather. Thank you.

Yes you can hook up something like a turntable or cdj and fade in and out and yes they can all be monitored. Its just like using any other standalone mixer, just with the advantage of having two platters attached to it

Thank you… hey, btw… Can you monitor the MIC inputs over the headphones?? I know the Prime GO, 2, & 4 do not have this ability.

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I’m not sure to be honest I’ve never used a mic with it but if was to take a guess I would say yes