Stand Alone Mode History Folder

Anyone know the purpose of this History Folder in Stanalone mode

It shows what tracks that have been played. Practical uses can be for reporting playlist or if someone asks about song played. You can also play a track from history.

Mine always is empty ??

I’m changing my response to ‘I don’t know’. Yesterday when I saw your question, I turned on my MCX8000. The USB was already in the unit and I check the History. There were songs showing. I deleted the history before turniing the unit off, still leaving the USB in the unit. Today, I turned on the unit, played a few tracks (although not long) and then checked History (it’s empty). Turned the MCX8000 off, then back on and still no history. I can’t explain the inconsistency. Perhaps someone from Denon DJ can better explain it. Makes no sense to me right now.

Mixlive at least I’m not going mad lol , thanks for your time to respond to me.

I’m sure there was a bug during the beta tests I picked up where it wasn’t writing all played songs to history. Maybe it never got fixed properly.

I will test with one of my MCX8000 and report back.

Does each song have to play for more than a minute before it gets included in the play history ? .

Not sure what the qualifying time is but it’s probably 60 or 90 seconds

OK, done some testing and it seems that if you play a track from the All “artist” selection it’s not registered.

I played three from the Artist selection that have never been played before (as I usually select by artist) and they didn’t appear in history. I then played two from a playlist and they were there. I played two from Title and they were there. I then played another one from Artist but this time it did appear for some reason.

Maybe if you use the artist category first they don’t register at all?

All tracks scanned and exported using engine Prime to a Sandisk 64gb USB stick.

@Nekoro_DenonDJ can this please be investigated and a firmware update issued to fix if required? It’s been bugging me for ages why some tracks register in history and others don’t.

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I noticed that tracks in wav format are not marked as played in playlist. Of all the tracks, only about 1/6 are marked as played. All tracks are purchased on the same place. If mp3, then almost all are marked. Why wav tracks is not marked?