ssd hard drive capacity for prime 4

How large of a ssd drive will the prime 4 take, I want to get at least 4tb, whats the official size capacity.

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Officially, 1TB has been tested and is recommended.

Even in wav, that’s more than 100.000 tracks (assuming 4 minute average). Let’s say you bought half of that second hand or heavily discounted and the other half at full price. Let’s be nice and say 1,00 dollar a track. That works out to 50.000 for the new tracks and 25.000 for second-hand, discounted and/or compilations. Grand total of 75.000 dollar. I wonder why anybody would spend that kind of money on his collection, especially since it’s very good if you can keep a core collection of more than 2.000 tracks fully managed. If you have been collecting say 20 years. You have acquired (i.e. bought and paid for) 5.000 tracks a year or 400+ tracks a month for 20 years. Where do you find the time to listen to them all. Even if you buy everything you listen to, at 4 minutes a track that is 1600 minutes a month or 400 a week or 7 hours a week.

Never mind if some of it is in FLAC or - god forbid - MP3.

I have to be impressed by the financial and time-consumption dedication.

That is - of course - unless you just bulk download illegal music. But as a serious DJ you would never do that of course ?!


Just before someone points out there could be video … I realise that, yet with the Prime not doing video (yet ?), no need to put those files on the SSD


What hard drive would you recommend for the controller? thank you

SSD because of possible mechanical damage to HDD.

No limits on capacity anymore, but there’s a limit to the height of the drive. 15mm thickness does NOT fit, but it is mentioned somewhere in the forum what does (9 or 12mm?).

The P4 accepts drives up to 12mm thickness.

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