Speakers for the Prime Go?

Bought the Bose S1 Pro specifically for its portability to go with the Prime Go. Love it, no complains…but…

Any recommendations for something smaller?

Would love something thats easier to take on vacation (when we can start flying again). I’ve tried other Bose, JBL, UE, products that sound good but they all have very slight audio delays but still very noticeable when mixing/beat matching. None of the products I’ve tried have the ability to turn off or disable audio processing. (Yes, using aux cable as there is no way to Bluetooth anyhow)


Soundboks speakers do not have a delay and are highly water resistant. Best is the batteries are swapable. Bluetooth, XLR, 1/4, 1/8 and SKAA. The phone app is awesome.


Can I ask which JBL speaker/s you tried and can you elaborate on said delay?

Hey @deejdave. I have tried JBL extreme 2. While this size works and produces decent sound, I’m trying to go smaller. This is simply for personal travel use. Not for gigs or anything. Something to take on the plane and that’s why I’m not referencing any JBL monitors.

When using the smaller, Bluetooth type, speakers, it produces this very very slight audio delay. Not too noticeable with naked ear but when using headphones and monitoring, you can tell a slight delay which throws off the cuing. Hope that helps.

@deejdave to further clarify, the JBL extreme 2 do have an audio delay and thus have not tried any of the smaller ones from the JBL line Consumer line

OK. Can verify I have a few from Sony and none had lag/latency but I can tell you that the ones that stood out to me (small footprint) is the XB41 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sony-srs-xb41-portable-bluetooth-speaker-blue/6195444.p?skuId=6195444. It has BIG sound for such a small speaker. I ended buying a pair of them. We were in Aruba for a wedding (sister in law) and the DJ ended early. Long story short we ended up in the pool and were passing these around (Paired) IN the pool and they rocked the very large area and keep in mind this was a resort size pool with swim up bar and all. This was obviously using bluetooth so not very applicable but just figured I’d share.

Anyways using them with wired connection/s with “LIVE” and all “party” options off there is no noticeable delay. I have tried with Beats Pill and didn’t like it as well as a small JBL speaker but both were older. I have a JBL Party Box 300 coming in today thus my concern here and I am hoping there is no delay with this JBL either. I will report back but for now I can personally vouch for the Sony line but it was one generation ago. I know they JUST came out with a new generation and I am not saying they won’t be the same but I can not personally vouch for them is all. BTW look where my sonys ended up LOL.

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Thanks! Let me know how the party box goes.

Spotify on a fridge. Now I’ve seen it all :star_struck:

So now we will have a cold beer and first ever livestream thru a fridge… :smiley:

I use the Marshall Kilburn 2 as a small inexpensive speaker and it works really well. No delay when using the aux insert.

Yes Sir. I am using JBL Eon One Compact. I am very happy with it.


What stand are you using to tilt the Prime Go like that?

This small Ikea Laptop stand. Paid just 3 euro. Easy stuff , plastic but usefull enough :slight_smile:

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Sounbdboks speakers!


Hi Sezen

I’ve got the same set-up but am a little underwhelmed with the speaker. Have you got 2 cables coming out the prime go to the speaker and are you pushing out side from the Go in Mono or Stereo, little swithch out the back. I found the JBL app awkward at first but upgraded firmware and was better. Be interested in your EQ settings.

I found the base quite flat and maybe expected more…