Soundswitch sold out?

I would like to purchase a soundswitch dongle. But as far as I can see… it’s sold out… worldwide…

when can we aspect new delivery?

See topic here as well. Mine is delayed in delivery from Amazon NL, but seems dispatched.

Soundswitch Micro Interface - LIGHTING & VISUALS / Engine Lighting - Official Denon DJ Forum

It’s in stock here SoundSwitch MICRO-DMX Interface DMX lighting control for DJs

This is where I bought mine after SoundSwitch failed me (took my money, told me it had shipped but a week later said they’d sold out).

9 in stock here

Thanks for your reply’s I rather wait for some stock in the Netherlands.

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5 days later than originally stated, but it has arrived through the Amazon reseller:


Something big is coming up from soundswitch . I really don’t know what, but IT should be a brand new upgrade…

For now… Stil a rumour…

The week is not over yet.

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Sooner than end of the week. :wink:

Reese, is there any soundswitch micro available anywhere…? Wanted to jump in with some testing, but can’t get my hands on the dongle…

I got it from Amazon, but it’s now “unavailable”.

Yess, a brand new unit!!!


Yeah, noticed, still searching…

So there are no $30 dongles available, but there is a nice new shiny one at ten times the price!


I did suggest here Soundswitch Micro Interface - #6 by djstevieray a few weeks back that SoundSwitch should enable use of third party dongles on the Prime hardware (as their desktop software does) so that lack of their own dongles doesn’t stop people from trying it out, and ultimately subscribing to their service.

Ultimately it’s SoundSwitch that will lose out if people can’t buy their dongle.

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recorded with a potato



I’m in talks at work to get one in the club.