SoundSwitch Prime Series Integration


I am curious to see if there have been any published updates about timeline, features, and availability for SoundSwitch integration with the Prime Series. I saw this a few days ago and it is interesting. How do the rest of us get access to the beta?


Great spot. I have Soundswitch as well and waiting for the integration with the Primes.


Me, too! Can’t wait to customize the light show, including colors. But while updates fly out for bug fixes for files I don’t use or problems I don’t have, I would love for some simple features in Engine Prime and the SC5000 media players and X1800 mixer. Like the ability to use the ID3 tag “Year” to search, sort and filter. Or searching across multiple databases on all loaded drives - or at least the ability to have different drives on secondary layers? But Sound Switch will change the game for solo, mobile mixers like me! Let’s see some news, Denon DJ!


It’s already integrated in Soundswitch 1.7


mufasa: care to elaborate how I could use Soundswitch with the Prime platform? (without Serato)


Here’s a response I got from Matt at Soundswitch:

“This will be publicly released following the NAMM show in late January.”

Keeping my fingers crossed!


Late January ends in 3 days. Just got my first DMX lights in and hope to make some awesome light shows.