SoundSwitch and Stagelinq?


i love my Traktor Kontrol S8, but bought into the Serato workflow via MCX-8000 because of it’s compatibility with SoundSwitch. so i am very excited to hear Denon bought SS! Does anyone have more info on how it might be integrated into the MCX-800/Engine Prime ecosystem? will it use StageLinq? Run in stand alone mode?

please post more info!


Okay so my post wasn’t allowed about this two days ago but now this thread exists? I didn’t post something that wasn’t public knowledge as it had an official statement from InMusic regarding the acquisition.

Why was (for the first time on the new forum) my post redfered to moderation and denied?

I just said it was exciting news SoundSwitch was now part of Denon DJ.

You do realise that the announcement was official when I posted it? With a full press release?

Oh well. I thought this had disappeared with the old forum. It’s a shame.


sorry i co-opted your moment of glory.


Hahaha. You totally managed to get a post in that wasn’t filtered! Just strange how it wasn’t allowed but had a notification to this thread in my inbox.

Seems the editors are hot but it’s public info so was strange to delete it.


It’s great news though.

Now we can probably look forward to a version of the SoundSwitch box that has Ethernet input so it just plugs directly into the back of the MCX8000 or Prime gear.

This is where my money is now. I have a huge rig at work and this will be really really fun.


how would that work? SS would run ‘on’ the MCX8000 internally? seems unlikely. the StageLinq sends data long distance (ethernet) to another computer that runs lights, but if you have your music laptop there then the data cable is the USB. either way you still need USB to DMX. with a computer in between.


As StageLinq uses a computer I suspect it could work in a similar way. Having the box have profiles of fixtures pre-loaded into it and can just send data from the MCX8000 could trigger it. It’s how the Chuvet Xpress system works.

You upload to a box the fixtures and it can operate without software. In this case, it would read what’s already present onto the track.

It would be an interesting way of doing it. A box that just listens to the music as the SoundSwitch box makes the lights move from an internal playback, all read from the mp3 file you prepared earlier.