Soundcloud (Coming Soon) Update?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any idea on a concrete date in which SoundCloud would be added to the streaming services?

I know Tidal was integrated this year and SoundCloud had a Beta Test. But, “Coming Soon” seems a little open-ended.

I understand the Covid situation may not make things so easy, but I’m asking out of curiosity. Thanks for the help!

As its coming with the next firmware update, I would guess and its only a guess that the developers are making sure the new OS BPM algorithm, downbeat detection and any other tweaks and Enhancements are spot on also. Its not only Soundcloud but Beatport and Beatsource too. There is a lot to ensure all is running well before release. Like us all sit tight and enjoy what you have and when the update does come get some good strong coffee in. :sunglasses::+1::sunglasses:

Really “next”…? Or just “a future” firmware update?

Surely the next update WILL be in the future - a long way into the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Next I believe. Seen as though there was a public beta recently. Its now closed the beta so I can only presume it will be added to the next firmware. As always its only my presumption and not an official statement.

Anyone looking for a concrete date in this industry, go buy a calendar as it will be the only place you will find this. I am not trying to be an a$$ but this keeps on coming up with every new advertised feature. They will not provide a date. They will not provide a date. They will not provide a date.


Who ordered the concrete date ? :articulated_lorry: :pizza:

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