Sound problem mc70000

Hi all, I have subtle pops and some intermittent clicks when using serato 2.0.2 and or Vdj 8.2. It works fine with my macs running mavericks on one and sierra on another. I just purchased a pc for backup that’s where the problem is. I copied my songs via flash drive to that pc. HP i7 16 gb 512 ssd. Windows 10. I purchased the 7000 in august. Have not updated the firmware. Could that be the problem? PS all works fine with my pioneer ddjsx2 thx dj rick PSS HAVE TRIED BOTH USB 1 AND 2 ALSO TRIED NEW USB CABLE THX

Try adjusting the latency in your software.

I totally agree with this. All the little pops and clicks etc are where the computer doesnt quite have enough time to process all the sound data in time for it being needed, so tiny silent gaps are put into the audio where audio should be. Increasing the latency setting gives the computer longer time to process the audio, which should result in less gaps/pops/clicks.

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Also follow the Serato guide for optimizing a Windows PC for use with Serato. It deals with all these issues. My personal advice when using a Windows PC for DJ-ing purposes is to make your laptop/PC dual-boot. This allows you to have a very clean and lean version of Windows (you are allowed to install the OS multiple times on the same machine) with all settings optimized for DJ-ing/sound and only the software installed that is needed.