Sound distorted with analogue outputs 3 and 4

Hi, Suddenly my DS1 started to output distorted sound from analogue outputs 3 and 4 (deck 2, the right deck in Serato). I have tried every possible thing to solve this:

  • Tried with different audio/usb cables.
  • Tried with different software.
  • Tried with different computer.
  • Tried different mixer. If you load the same song in both decks, the 3 and 4 analogue outputs always sound distorted or near to distorted compared with analogue outputs 1 and 2. If you lower the gain a lot, the problem seems to be gone, but if you use normal gain levels (or autogain), 3 and 4 are always distorted. ¿Is there some kind of known issue with this? BTW, I tried to upgrade the firmware because I saw that latest version in the website was 1.0.1, but when I tried do upgrade, the upgrade utility says that it is not possible because I have a newer version that is 1.0.5 How can I have a newer version than the one that it’s avaliable in the website? I’m using a Mac Mini and a Macbook Pro, both with Sierra, i5 processor and 16gb of ram.

Remember that the DS1 also has a line/phono level switch on it. This is to allow it to be used with vinyl record decks, which give out very quiet signals), or Line Level, which are significantly louder.

If loud sources are played into devices which are only expecting very quiet signals, then the sound passing through will sound terribly distorted.

The problem is not with the inputs, in fact I don’t use the inputs because I use internal mode. The problem is with the outputs. Lowering the Master level on Serato seems to avoid the problem, but I don’t understand why is happening this only with outs 3 and 4.

Check for input level change switches where the 3&4 outputs go into

Input levels are right, using same tracks, same gains, same everything than 1&2, the problem exists if the master level of serato is over 1/3 or less… 1&2 sounds right, 3&4 sounds distorted. Lowering to zero the master level solves the problem but this is not a usual behaviour, and lowering the master level also gives mucho more less signal on the two outputs.

Hi…i am a new user here. I want to know you put the speakers on the same crossover in the old box? does the crackling happen at loud volume only? Maybe you can hookup a speaker to the receiver without a crossover and check functionality. You might be able to do it with the 15 inch woofer, but turn the midrange and treble down on the receiver first?

I tried to do it, it does not help, I have a problem on all channels, on two different cards, on different computers, but sl2 with the same settings and the same computer works well.

Tried other softwares like Traktor or VDJ?

checked with a traktor and different versions of serato, the problem is always present, even when listening to music through itunes

Ok, did adjusting the master volume in software fix the problem like it did with OP? I would say DS1 probably needs to be run quiter than the SL cards and then adjusted with gain on the mixer.

Yes, it helps a little, but the sound is still not as clear as it should be. helps a little to set the autogain value to -89, but clicks are still heard. when the tractor is in operation, the internal mixer and the headroom value are -6, clicks are almost inaudible, and the sound becomes better; when switching to the external mixer mode, the headroom value cannot be set.

Are you sure that “clicks” you are hearing is not just latency induced audio pops/crackles because your PC is having trouble quickly processing audio?

btw Traktor in external mode needs like -15db on master and 0 (12 oclock) on deck gains.

I tried to change the latency. and i try 3 different pc, 2 macbook pro i5, and my home pc on windows i7 whith 20Gb ram

I would return it and get my money back if I were you.