Sort by Key starts at 8A - why?

All my tracks are analysed in Engine Prime but when sorting a crate by key on the SC5000 it begins at 8A

Am I doing something wrong? Isn’t it more logical to start at 1A ?

Another good idea would be that when using the select knob, instead of touch screen to make the list a continual loop so that it doesn’t matter where you begin in the list

Hi Broady, thanks for your question. As you’re aware the SC5000 and Engine Prime can display the harmonic key of a track in several different ways. 8A on the camelot scale is A minor, so it’s that A (minor) that puts it at the beginning of the list.

I will add the idea of sorting by selected/choosen key format, and the “joining” of the beginnings and ends of the list also. I suspect that the joining may only work if the number of results in the list is below a certain number - but … I’ll add it to the developer list of suggestions anyway.


@Gee_DenonDJ I did placed a similar request back in june:

the sorting seems to be done correctly on the open KEY and incorrect on the rest.

This was one of the updates that I hoped to see added in 2017 as to me this sounded as a “simple” change, i.e. sorting correctly on each key type.

Yes. I’ve put the new request and your existing request together for the team.

There may be another reason behind it, although the reason mentioned already about analysed/sorted key, versus displayed key may not be the only factor.

It may be a simple or difficult thing to change the behaviour of. But either way, it’s on the list of requests.

@Gee_DenonDJ would you be able to share the “list of requests” as there have been a lot of requests and to prevent double request it would be appreciated to know what is on the list.

Double and treble request away ! Sometimes a request can be worded one way, by one person and not make sense, not catch the imagination or simply not make sense. Later, the same request could be put differently, explained with more positive passion etc and make alot of sense. Similar requests are then grouped together.

Putting the list online in one place wouldn’t be ideal, although I’m sure that those who visit the forum from rival manufacturers IP addresses would love the list in a nice cut’n’paste format. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it!