Sort by Date Bug

Hi Using the Sort by Date, the format it displays is very strange.

Example 08/02/2021 is displayed 02/08/2021 This example is August 2nd 2021

In Engine Prime the date shows correctly as 08/02/2021

Can you please fix this weird behavior

SC6000M not sure if it’s on all devices.

In the UK date is day, month, year

Having month, day, year confuses the hell out of me


I hear you, but then Engine OS should reflect what the players show. Having one different than the other makes no sense. AND the format should be adjustable or selected by the region the equipment is used by.


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Outside of the US, most of the world uses day, month, year.

Engine prime displayed date format will be governed by what language/location the laptop/home PC is set to. The players don’t know where they are


That info should be passed from the software to the hardware. Also, since they are connected to the internet, location data should be available.

Well its def not setting itself based on my computers timezone and region. So im not sure what is happening. There is also no way to manually set it that I can see